Mark Harris – Britain’s Deepest Man!

Mark Harris, also known as ‘The Blue Lightning’, sets UK freediving records in Free Immersion and Variable Weight.

Mark set the new British Variable Weight record to 80 metres, 15 metres deeper than the previous record set by Paul Whincup in 2005! He chose to pull himself back to the surface by using his arms only, despite having planned a Free Immersion record attempt on the same day! Indeed, not half an hour later he pulled himself down the rope again. Unfortunately he lost his nose clip shortly after leaving the surface, but he chose to carry on with one hand holding his nose, pulling himself down with one arm only, to reach 64 metres below the surface and back up for a very clean Free Immersion record.

On the same day, Ben Noble, also member of the BFA committee, became the deepest Australian freediver by breaking no less than 3 national records: a Free Immersion dive to 50 metres, a Variable Weight dive to 72 metres and 80 in the No-limits discipline!

Mark and Ben both are members of the BFA committee. On top of the huge amount of work required by their roles, Mark also manages to organize courses and training sessions for the Richmond freediving club and Ben works for the Australian AIDA and is a forum mentor on DeeperBlue.

Congratulations to both of them! More details and gossip can be found in this DeeperBlue thread.