Alan Barber Sets New Record in Dynamic Apnea Without Fins

The British Freediving Association is pleased to announce a new UK record in the Men’s Dynamic Apnea ‘No-fins’ discipline. On Thursday 7th February 2008, at The New Malden Centre, London, Alan Barber completed a performance of 127 metres. The new record beats the previous record of 120 metres, set by Danny Coope in 2006. Dynamic Apnea without fins is one of the most technically difficult of the pool-based breath-hold disciplines. It requires precise technique and fine-tuned buoyancy underwater.

Alan, 35, had been freediving for precisely one year with his freediving club NoTanx, upon setting the record. As well as progressing to a record-breaking performance so quickly, amazingly, Alan is able to swim further without fins than with.
He also was able to combine this achievement with raising over £1,000 for his favourite charity, ‘The Brook’ which is concerned with animal welfare.
Alan has been coached at his club by Adrian Hamilton and Marcus Greatwood.