The Sport in the UK

The Sport in the UK

Freediving now has many clubs in the UK training regularly, many who are home to the UKs top athletes and coaches, with more being opened all the time, offering freediving to more and more people each year.

The sport benefits from an exciting media image, and fascinates the general public with the combination of mind and body control, and the freedivers direct relationship with the element of water. Freediving has become attractive to high profile television and film features recently in UK television, national and local radio and the UK film industry.

Media Exposure

Mike Board
Daily Mail – Former Marine Michael Board Freedives to 100m.
Mirror – Michael Board: Former Commando smashes UK freediving record
Emma Farrell on channel 4s Hidden Talent programme.
Liv Philip on ”League of their Own” Sky Sports. Freediving Body Double for Hale Berry, ”Odd One In” Panel Show freediving Expert, Ant & Dec Freediving Trainer, Radio 2 Simon Mayo Drivetime show ‘The Sports Interview’,.
Sara Campbell Sara Cambell on BBCs recent documentary To Boldly Go (Down)
Georgina Miller Radio Interview on Cambridge radio, Underwater Freediving model for ‘Plastic Oceans’ environmental Campaign.
Gary McGrath Featured Freediver in BAFTA Winning short film ‘I Do Air’.
Dave King – Featured Freediver in BAFTA Winning short film ‘I Do Air’.
Ed Wardle documentary film creator ‘Alone In the Wild’. BBC 1 & 2.

Each year the BFA endeavors to support two national competitions, one for pool disciplines and one depth event. These are AIDA ranked competitions open to all qualified freedivers. Organizers will submit proposals to host the event annually. These are a fantastic opportunity for the freediving community to gather together and create a fantastic environment for records to be set and personal best performances happen. It draws elite athletes and beginners alike.

National records set 2011/2012:

11/12/12 Mike Board, 96m constant weight, Vertical blue, Bahamas
11/3/12 Georgina Miller 6.20 static, Liverpool Great Northern comp
10/3/12 Chris Crawshaw 163m dynamic no fins, Liverpool Great Northern comp
5/11/11 Liv Philip 116m dynamic no fins, Camberwell
19/10/11 David Kent 66m Constant weight no fins, Dahab
13/11/11 Mike board 83m Free immersion, World championships, Greece
2/4/11 David King dynamic 226m Liverpool Great Northern comp

Each year, the BFA grants a National Championship Award for men and women, to the athlete who has scored highest in STA (static apnea), DYN (dynamic apnea with fins), and CWT (constant weight). The winners for 2012 were Liv Philip and Tim Money.

Picture Credit: Daan Verhoeven