Running a competition

Running a competition

AIDA competition updates

During 2014 AIDA International, along with AIDA Nationals, have developed and approved several changes to competition rules. The main aim was to improve safety and remove some ambiguities or redundant regulations. As a result, for example, athletes will not get penalties for grabbing a side of pool on surfacing or for breaking surface. Organisers will be interested in new rules regarding depth such as a possibility of limiting announcements (for safety reasons) or required training for medical staff and additional equipment. All changes are published on the AIDA website.

All competitions from now on should be judged as per updated rules.

Full version of the AIDA Competition Rules are available here.

National Championships

Applications for National Championships shall be submitted to BFA between 1 st September and 31 st October the previous year. Decisions will be made at AGM in November. BFA will prompt potential organisers prior to that date.

AIDA competitions

The BFA aims to promote fair and safe competition in British Freediving at home and internationally for UK free divers and to help organisers to run their competitions safely and within the official rules of AIDA and BFA best practice.

We aim to inspire and encourage all levels of free divers to take part in competitive freediving and to help bring together volunteers to make the competitions possible.

We would like to invite UK freedive clubs to register open competitions with the BFA. From June 2012 within the UK, ONLY BFA Registered competitions that are open invite and operate a ballot entry system first come first served with an allocated number of entries open to non members of the club will be given BFA/AIDA world ranking status. Registered competitions will also gain BFA Event status and BFA insurance to cover their event.

To allow for competitors not interested in ranking points we suggest a ‘fun comp’ which may follow the main competition or be a standalone event. The two comps should be clearly defined in the schedule with a time break and a clear announcement between the two.


You can download a competition application form with AIDA rules. If you need help and advice on how to run a competition under AIDA rules and BFA best practice please contact the BFA at

Volunteers: BFA Competitions are set up to support competing athletes and rely entirely on volunteers so if you want to help please contact the BFA at

So you’ve read the AIDA regulations and are ready to run a comp – then please fill out the BFA Competition Registration Form and email it to