Bahamas 2009 AIDA Freediving World Championships

The 2009 AIDA Depth Freediving World Championships, in Constant Weight with and without fins is taking place in Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island in the Bahamas this coming November/December. The official Registration and opening ceremony starts on Wednesday the 25th November and closes on the 5th December.

To enter you have to have achieved the minimum of 30mts CNF , 55mts CTW for women, and CNF 40mts and CWT 75mts for men. These need to be AIDA ranking dives after 27th November 2007.

Only athletes who have qualified as the criterion states above or who have been awarded wild-cards by AIDA International may register for the WC.

If you are interested in competing please send your request to as an AIDA requirement states the BFA must ratify the individuals qualifications to the event organiser.

If you wish to apply to AIDA before September 6th a reduced fee of 695 USD will be accepted for the entry fee, thereafter it will cost 800 USD with the deadline date of application closing on October 4th.

To find out more about the competition or how to make payment for the event please view the official document by clicking here.

New UK record!

The Richmond Freediving Club is pleased to announce a new UK record in the Womens Static Apnea discipline.

On Thursday 20th August 2009, at the AIDA individual indoor World Championships 2009, Aarhus Denmark, Georgina Miller completed a static breath hold of 6 minutes 4 seconds.

The new record beats the previous time of 5:46, set in May 2009, also by Georgina Miller.

Georgina has been competing for 2 years and trains at Pools on the Park Richmond, and at Fusion Leisure, Camberwell.

For more information on freediving visit Richmond Freediving Club

British team selection for AIDA indoor Freediving World Championship 2009

The BFA is proud to announce the team selection for the indoor Freediving World Championships in Aarhus Denmark 2009. The Male captain for the event is Marcus Greatwood. The female captain is Liv Philip.The team members are:

Female UK Athletes 2009


  • Ruth Griffin
  • Liv Philip
  • Georgina Miller


Male UK Athletes 2009


  • Adrian Hamilton
  • Stuart Bond
  • Alan Barber
  • Martin Ashkenazy-Jones


David King Sets New British Record in Constant Weight

On Sunday the 24th of August 2008, at the AIDA Freediving Team World Championships 2008 Pre-Competition in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, Dave King’s dive to 80 metres set a new British record in the Men’s Constant Weight discipline. This beats his previous record of 78 metres, set in November 2007. David has held previous British records in Static Apnea and Dynamic Apnea and is part of Freediving Team-GB, who are about to compete in the Team World Championships 2008.

Liv Philip Sets New British Record in Static Apnea

On Saturday 23rd August 2008, at the AIDA 2008 World Team Freediving Championship Pre-Competition in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, Liv Philip completed a performance of 5 minutes 35 seconds, which beats her previous record of 5 minutes 32 seconds, set in July 2007. Liv is part of Freediving TeamGB, who are about to compete in the main World Team Championships and also holds the British records in Dynamic apnea and Dynamic Apnea Without Fins.

The Pre-Competition has given team athletes a chance to compete as individuals in a number of disciplines, and David is the second British athlete to set a national record there.

The British Freediving Team 2008 has been selected

The British Freediving Team 2008 has been selected!
The Women’s team: Sara Campbell (Female Captain), Liv Philip, George Miller, Maria Teresa Solomans.
The Men’s team: Steve Millard (Male Captain), Tim Money, Dave King, Stuart Bond.
The British Freediving Team 2008 is sponsored by Suunto and Seven Tenths. Suunto have kindly donated a brand new D4 to every team member and Seven Tenths are supplying the team wear.

For more information and updates, please check our British Freediving Team 2008 page in the UK Team section of this website.

Sara Campbell Takes Gold Medal at the Individual World Championships

Sara Campbell, 35, British freediver and triple world record holder, has now become a World Champion in the Constant Weight depth discipline.

At the Individual Freediving World Championships held this week in Sharm el Sheikh on the Red Sea, Sara secured a Gold Medal for Great Britain with an 88 metre dive in Constant Weight.

Sara’s main rival, Russian Nathalia Molchanova, who has held World Records in all six competitive disciplines in the past two years, was aiming to reclaim her World Record title at the competition and again take home the Gold Medal. However, her announcement of 95 metres, an increase of nine metres on her former World Record in the same discipline, proved to be too much for the woman the sport has for a long time considered unbeatable.
Sara shares her world freediving champion status with Briton Sam Still, who won the static apnea discipline in 2005.