Bahamas 2009 AIDA Freediving World Championships

The 2009 AIDA Depth Freediving World Championships, in Constant Weight with and without fins is taking place in Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island in the Bahamas this coming November/December. The official Registration and opening ceremony starts on Wednesday the 25th November and closes on the 5th December.

To enter you have to have achieved the minimum of 30mts CNF , 55mts CTW for women, and CNF 40mts and CWT 75mts for men. These need to be AIDA ranking dives after 27th November 2007.

Only athletes who have qualified as the criterion states above or who have been awarded wild-cards by AIDA International may register for the WC.

If you are interested in competing please send your request to as an AIDA requirement states the BFA must ratify the individuals qualifications to the event organiser.

If you wish to apply to AIDA before September 6th a reduced fee of 695 USD will be accepted for the entry fee, thereafter it will cost 800 USD with the deadline date of application closing on October 4th.

To find out more about the competition or how to make payment for the event please view the official document by clicking here.