NoTanx Dive Off Sept 17th/18th

Every Year since 2005, NoTanx have run a Freediving Comp in Vobster Quay. It has grown, now taking place over 2 days. There are 4 different competitions, such as the guess your depth comp on Sunday. But the main event is the NoTanx depth Comp. Of course, NoTanx is based on experience rather than performance… (enjoyment rather than depth) so it is only right that the winner is voted on by the other competitors. So it is “The Best Dive” rather than the deepest that will win.

This year 1st Prize = an all expenses paid Summer Vacation to Marsa Alam!! (Courtesy of Oonas Divers)

With 50 spaces for freedivers and various other activities, this year is even more of a spectator event. The Team Static is always a favourite with the crowd, where teams of apneists attempt to perform a “relay” of breath holds whilst being “distracted” by the other teams. (Pouring ice cold water on their backs was deemed as legal, as long as it was done from inside the water).

Although the largest UK freediving comp, the entry fee is always low as NoTanx Freediving Club is a non-profit organisation, dedicated to widening participation in this fun and healthy sport.