Liv Philip named World’s Absolute Freediver 2010

Liv Philip, the 35 year old freediver from South London, was the surprise winner of the ‘World Absolute Freediver Awards 2010’. Liv claimed the award based on highest overall scores internationally across all six competitive disciplines. She clocked up a massive 346.1 points, which included a static breathhold (STA) of 5 minutes 43; 105m in dynamics no fins (DNF, underwater breaststroke); and the long-sought-after round number of 60m in constant weight (CWT depth with a monofin).

Photo by Emma Critchley

Liv is one of the big names of British freediving, having secured eight National Records in five of the six disciplines. On the international circuit she is a regular and popular competitor, and it is her consistency and determination as an athlete that has brought her this top accolade.

Liv said: I’m motivated first and foremost by my love of water and that spurs me on to continue. Anything else is an added extra, but the improvement in my results motivates me to keep working hard to fund my training. I’m keen to see what lies ahead in 2011, but the main thing will be to continue having fun.

Liv is expected to compete at the Indoor Nationals being held in Liverpool in March, as well as many of the depth competitions, including the Worlds in Greece in September.

Liv added: Freediving is an amazing sport we get to hangout in the blue training in pools and the ocean and they give us lovely awards just for doing what is incredible fun.

Liv is currently looking for sponsorship so if anyone is interested in contacting her, please email her at

The BFA congratulates Liv for her awesome performance, wishes her much success for 2011 and looks forward to making further announcements about her, and other athletes incredible dives this year.

Thanks to Fusion Lifestyle for their support of Liv’s training in London.