British team selection for AIDA indoor Freediving World Championship 2009

The BFA is proud to announce the team selection for the indoor Freediving World Championships in Aarhus Denmark 2009. The Male captain for the event is Marcus Greatwood. The female captain is Liv Philip.The team members are:

Female UK Athletes 2009


  • Ruth Griffin
  • Liv Philip
  • Georgina Miller


Male UK Athletes 2009


  • Adrian Hamilton
  • Stuart Bond
  • Alan Barber
  • Martin Ashkenazy-Jones


AIDA Indoor Freediving World Championship 2009 – Aarhus Denmark

The BFA is happy to announce the next Freediving World Championship. There are 3 disciplines DYN, DNF and STA for male and female athletes, and three places in each discipline – that is 18 places max.

To find out more about the championship you can visit the official website by clicking here.

The BFA will choose athletes on the basis of their performance in competition in the last 12 months. Athletes who wish to compete representing the UK should fill in this form and send it to the Chair by June 1st.

Any statement in the form will be verified, with particular regard to performance in competition that should have been officially recorded.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details, and get filling in the form.

Philip Clayton Sets New British Record in Dynamic Apnea Without Fins

On Saturday 9th August 2008 at the Wellington Winter Freediving Championships in New Zealand, Philip Clayton completed a performance of 132 metres. The new record beats the previous one of 127 metres set by Alan Barber in February 2008. Philip, 40, originally from Lancashire, lives in New Zealand where he works as a Consulting Engineer. He has been competitively freediving for 2 years and this is his first UK record.

Martin Macnaughton Sets New British Record in Dynamic Apnea

The British Freediving Association is proud to announce a new UK record in the Men’s Dynamic discipline. On Saturday 23rd February 2008 at the 3rd German Indoor Championship in Static and Dynamic Apnea held in Berlin, Martin Macnaughton completed a performance of 178m. The new record beats the previous record of 156m, which had been the oldest of all British records, set by Dave King in 2004. The discipline of Dynamic Apnea involves the athlete travelling horizontally to cover the greatest distance on a single breath.

The record, on its own is a remarkable achievement. However three facts make this record outstanding. Macnaughton, who lives and trains in Copenhagen, has only been freediving since Autumn 2007, which makes him a relative novice. Secondly, Macnaughton’s dynamic dive is the highest result for anyone in their debut AIDA competition, an achievement that has escaped all the current top freedivers. Finally, Martin did this all whilst ill with a heavy cold.

Martin rounded off his debut with an impressive 5 minute 32 second static breath hold, securing him 4th place in the competition overall. BFA Committee member Ben Noble, who was one of four judges attending said “Martin’s performance was very strong, clean and clearly looked like he had more to give. A fantastic surprise for British freediving”.

The Berlin German Indoor Championship is part of the annual German Championship and is the 10th Berlin Master Cup. It attracts top athletes from throughout Europe to compete in Static and Dynamic.

In recent months British freediving has seen a resurgence, with national records for Dynamic and Dynamic No-Fins falling in the last month, and also the meteoric rise of triple world record holder and 2007 Constant Weight World Champion Sara Campbell.