New British NLT record

Harry ChamasBritish freediver Harry Chamas has set a new national record of 120m depth in the No Limits freediving discipline in Kalamata, Greece.

The previous British record of 101m was set byJ im Lawless in 2010 in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.On 18 September 2017, Harry descended on a weighted sled running along a rope to a depth of 120m, under the supervision of a safety team. The sled incorporates a scuba air cylinder and a large air bag. On reaching the target depth, the freediver inflates the air bag with air from the cylinder, which then rushes to the surface, taking the freediver with it.

Harry said: “As a coach, I believe in breaking diving down and mastering each aspect of freediving individually. This can be done by focusing on specific skills, the different stages of a dive or the mental processes that occur on a dive. I do the same with my own diving and this No Limits dive means I have experience of extreme depths before ever venturing therein the traditional disciplines. The dive itself was fantastic and I am honored to have had this moment in the depths of the ocean. I plan to spend the next few years exploring new questions about my physical and mental capabilities and reach 100+m in CWT and FI. I would like to thank everyone I have spent time with in the water. I have learned something from everyone and I thank the whole team here at Freedive Club Greece, David Tranfield and the British Freediving Association.”

Harry began freediving in Australia eight years ago and is a freediving coach. He set a national record last year in the Variable Weight freediving discipline reaching a depth of 105m (descent on weighted sled with ascent by finning or pulling on the rope to the surface).Harry’s freediving coaching site is at ( Chamas


Tandem No Limits World Record by Stavros Kastrinakis & Andrea Zuccari

Liv Philip headed the safety team for Andrea Zuccari and Stavros Kastrinakis’ Tandem World Record of 126 meters on 21st January 2013 at the new Freediving World Apnea Center in Sharm El Sheikh. Andrea Zuccari went on to secure the Italian National Record in No Limits by going down to an incredible 155 meters, a record previously held by the legendary Umberto Pelizzari. The record was judged by the UK’s David Tranfield and Liv Philip was the Head Safety.

Picture Credit: Daan Verhoeven

New UK Record – 100m passed!

The British Freediving Association is delighted to be able to announce that it today ratified a new British Record in the No Limits discipline.

Jim Lawless successfully dived to 101m using a sled and lift bag in Sharm El Sheikh on 28 August 2010, with the dive lasting 2 minutes and 7 seconds. Jim’s record exceeds that of Paul Whincup set at 77m back in 2005.

Jim Lawless
The first Brit to outdive his D4 – Photo by Deborah Metcalfe, Blue Eye FX

Jim is the first British Freediver to officially break the 100m mark but others are following swiftly behind. The BFA is looking forward to more 100m+ dives in the next year or so – and with our Constant Weight records for men and women now both in the 90s, it may not be long before someone does it without a sled!

The BFA would like to extend hearty congratulations to Jim and many thanks to the judges Marco Nones, Angela Ambrosi and all at Only One Apnea Centre for making this possible.