Glass and Water: The Essential Guide to Freediving for Underwater Photography by Mark Harris

Glass and Water:  Freediving for underwater photography - Author Mark Harris

Glass and Water is the first book on underwater photography for freedivers. With contributions from expert underwater photographers this book teaches the skills, knowledge and equipment necessary to successfully pursue underwater photography without scuba gear.

Glass and Water is not a replacement for existing books on underwater photography as it focuses on freediving techniques, equipment and photo opportunities which are better suited to freediving (rather than scuba).

‘It’s most unlikely that you’ll come away without learning something brand new and innovative. I know that I did’: Martin Edge.

In ‘Part 1: Equipment and Basics’ Mark shows how by choosing or adapting freediving and photographic equipment some early hurdles can be avoided. He also explains some underwater photography basics and opportunities for freedivers.

‘Part 2: Technique’ explains how using appropriate freediving techniques can increase the length of time available for taking photographs underwater and help to manage camera equipment.

And in ‘Part 3: Perspectives’ Mark and a range of informed contributors reveal how to photograph particular animals and their personal approaches to freediving photography. This includes the author’s ‘Virtual Dive’ which pulls together everything covered in the book.

The book includes photos and/or contributions from Fred Buyle, Sue Flood, Danny Kessler, Dr Anne-Marie Kitchen-Wheeler, Laura Storm, Andrew Sutton, and Shane Wasik. There is also a Foreword by multi-award-winning underwater photographer Dan Bolt and a Glossary of key terms.

‘Glass and Water should be as essential as a pair of fins and a camera for underwater photographers. Mark shares his tremendous expertise√Č the methodical and well-illustrated techniques will benefit anyone wishing to produce great images in the sea’: Brian Skerry, National Geographic.

Mark Harris is a former British champion freediver who has instructed, coached and judged at international level, consulted on and taught students how to freedive for roles in both television and film and ran London’s main club, London Freediving for almost a decade.

Available now in paperback for £16.95 (ebook forthcoming) from, online and from retailers.

3rd Mediterranean Freediving World Cup

Seven British athletes attended the 3rd Mediterranean Freediving World Cup, between 6th and 20th June 2010, hosted in Kalamata Greece by Stavros Kastrinakis. Liv Philip, Georgina Miller, Maria-Teresa Solomons, Sue Pugh, Tim Money, David Tranfield and Mark Harris all competed.

In addition, Long-standing BFA committee member Ben Noble competed, representing Australia.

Photo provided by Laura Storm

A summary of their key achievements follows:


  • 2nd place for Maria-Teresa Solomons in the Women’s overall results
  • 3rd place for Liv Philip in the Women’s overall results
  • 3rd place for Mark Harris in the Men’s overall results
  • 2nd place for Maria-Teresa Solomons, Sue Pugh and Georgina Miller in the Women’s team results
  • A new British record in Constant-Weight No-fins of 53 metres for David Tranfield
  • A new British record in Free Immersion of 70 metres for Mark Harris
  • A new Australian record in Variable Weight of 100 metres for Ben Noble
  • A new Australian record in No-Limits of 105 metres for Ben Noble


Mark Harris Sets UK Men’s Free Immersion Record to -67m

On Sunday 13th July 2008, at the SaltFree Double Dip competition in Chepstow, Mark Harris successfully retrieved his tag hanging 67m deep, setting a new UK record in the Men’s Free Immersion discipline. Not only is this 3m deeper than his previous record set in Egypt in December last year, but it was achieved in the dark and cold waters (similar to supercooled Guinness below -50m) of a quarry lake, during a competition in which many freedivers had to turn early due to the difficult conditions. Mark is a very dedicated member of the BFA Committee, runs a freediving club in Richmond and currently also holds the UK Variable Weight Freediving record.