The London Freediving scene is growing in momentum.

London Freedivers in general have been left a bit high and dry recently with all of the refurbishments of the pools in the area preparing for the 2012 Olympics. The good news though is that things are already turning around and even more good news is on the horizon. A few pool sessions are being opened up so that the Freedivers who have lost their pools can camp out for a bit in their neighbours pools.

Crystal freedivers are open again! This club was the flagship of UK pool training and is opening its doors in the newly refurbished Crystal Palace National Sports centre. There are details on the clubs page on how to contact them for further details. This represents not only a boost for our athletes preparing for the 2010 World championships as they are all invited to train there but also demonstrates the acceptance of UK Freediving as a sport in the UK with our athletes training alongside the potential Olympians in the National Sports Centre. Thank you for their kind support!!

London Freedivers (the group formerly known as Richmond Freedivers) due to successful membership this year have extended their pool session to include more lanes for training. They are after boosting their membership to fill the extra space so please get in touch. These facilities are open to New Freedivers right the way up to UK squad members, training is given.

Kentish town will be re-opening their doors sometime in February, please keep an eye on the clubs page for more news.

Details of the clubs can be found here and if you have any questions regarding the clubs page please contact our clubs officer by clicking here.