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Deeper Blue

Your "online resource for the underwater world", Deeper Blue has a section dedicated to freediving which includes Articles and an active Discussion Forum.


Freedive Earth

Freedive-Earth is a brand new resource and community for freedivers worldwide. Our team is made up of experienced international athletes, instructors and a real life doctor. The site is packed full of training tips, freediving physiology, a no-holds barred Q&A zone, the latest in safety, news and information all with an emphasis on fun. We're proud to offer you the world's first online freediving-specific training log, a comprehensive freediving school directory and the facility to connect with other freedivers around the world.

Freediving is a potentially dangerous activity. This website exists only to provide general information about freediving and does not constitute any form of instruction. Individuals interested in freediving are strongly encouraged to undertake a course with a qualified instructor and to never freedive alone. The BFA accepts no liability for injury or death resulting from the use of information on this website.