The AIDA Education Ladder

Freedive Instruction is available through the BFA and BFA members. Our education system is the AIDA education system and is based on the following progression:

  • BFA Pool Safety Induction
  • AIDA * Freediver
  • AIDA ** Freediver
  • AIDA *** Freediver
  • AIDA **** Freediver
  • AIDA Pool Instructor
  • AIDA Instructor
  • AIDA Master Instructor
  • AIDA Instructor Trainer


  • AIDA Deep Tank Freediver
  • Competition safety Freediver
  • Competition Freediver
  • Monofin Freediver

You do not have to start with the BFA Pool Induction, you may begin your training from AIDA Deep Tank Freediver, or AIDA ** level. However you must then complete each course above that level.

To find out more, please contact an AIDA instructor in your area.


Diagram of the official AIDA International Education Ladder

Freediving is a potentially dangerous activity. This website exists only to provide general information about freediving and does not constitute any form of instruction. Individuals interested in freediving are strongly encouraged to undertake a course with a qualified instructor and to never freedive alone. The BFA accepts no liability for injury or death resulting from the use of information on this website.