Freediving and Spearfishing Gear

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  • Scubastore has a very large selection of freediving equipment, including the legendary C4 carbon fins, monofins, low volume masks and a wide range of wetsuits and accessories. Their service is very quick and professional and they offer the lowest price guarantee!

  • Spearo UK has friendly service and a good selection of freediving/spearfishing gear.

  • APNEA are located in Jersey, specialized in freediving/spearfising gear and offer very good service, not only before and during sales but also after sales which is rare.

  • Fourth Element are designing their own line of diving and freediving colthes as well as very stylish wetsuits of excellent quality.

  • are the only UK sellers of Rob Allen and Riffe spearfishing gear. The site also include the 'Spearo hub', an area to help out all new people to the sport..

Freediving is a potentially dangerous activity. This website exists only to provide general information about freediving and does not constitute any form of instruction. Individuals interested in freediving are strongly encouraged to undertake a course with a qualified instructor and to never freedive alone. The BFA accepts no liability for injury or death resulting from the use of information on this website.