Setting up a club

The following should provide some basic assistance in setting up a club.

Pool space

Different pools have very different policy on the rental of space for clubs, at varying costs. If you are beginning with the club and do not have the numbers to support the pool fees, it may be worth contacting your local scuba club to ask about some space in their pool training sessions. This will also generate interest from the scuba community. You could also try renting a lane or two rather than the whole pool.

Training and safety

It is extremely important that your new club members have a basic training standard in freediving. Under no circumstances should any one who is not a qualified AIDA instructor be taking any complete beginners into the water. If you are running a club and are not an AIDA instructor, refer to the BFA website to find the names of instructors locally who could organize an induction course for your club. The safe practice guide- lines recommended by the BFA should be respected at all times during club sessions.

Liability and insurance

Every swimming pool has slightly different requirements for what it needs in terms of liability release and risk assessment. It is important that this is addressed individually in every case. The British Freediving association has a basic liability release and medical statement form that should be filled in by every club member, before entering the water. One of the benefits of encouraging club attendants to become BFA members is that individuals have a basic personal insurance policy. However this is not an umbrella policy for the running of a club.

BFA Gold clubs

What distinguishes a BFA gold club from another is that it offers a variety of teaching programs from Aida qualified and renewed, insured and up to date instructors. Every branch of our Aida gold clubs are run by instructors who are trained in first aid according to Health and safety standards. It may be a good place to start with your training or improve your existing levels of education. The variety of courses available as well as Aida certifications but may also be workshops and tailored coaching. Please contact the individual clubs for details.

Gold Club Award

Freediving is a potentially dangerous activity. This website exists only to provide general information about freediving and does not constitute any form of instruction. Individuals interested in freediving are strongly encouraged to undertake a course with a qualified instructor and to never freedive alone. The BFA accepts no liability for injury or death resulting from the use of information on this website.